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Top Excuses For Smoking

Smokers come to see me with all sorts of excuses for smoking:

  • I smoke when I am bored
  • I smoke when I am busy
  • I smoke when I am happy
  • I smoke when I am sad and so on.

The reality is that THEY JUST SMOKE!

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Another very common reason for smoking is to relax.

Nicotine does seem to have a sedative effect at first, actually this is due to the carbon monoxide in cigarettes depleting the oxygen in your system, causing lethargy - not relaxation.

The next thing you usually have to deal with is addiction. Nicotine is a very seductive drug, deadly but seductive. It gives a smoker a fix, and this fix lasts for approximately seven seconds and then he/she is waiting for the next fix.

The need for these fixes invariably leads to ill-health and unhappiness.

We all know the many reasons for stopping smoking- the main one being the effect it has on our health.

Of course there is the financial cost of the habit. It certainly isn't getting any cheaper to smoke, and now with the new Parliamentary Laws being passed, it is getting more difficult to smoke in public places without feeling like a complete leper.

Passive smoking

Many people are now developing smoke related diseases and they have never smoked - but their parents did.

Do you want to pass your addiction to your children?

Stop smoking using hypnosis

Smoking is a habit that operates on many levels, the most powerful one being on the identity level. When someone says "I am a smoker", they 'own' it. If you notice, very few people say "I smoke".

Therefore, the first issue that needs dealing with when someone wants to stop is how they are now going to identify themselves. I know this can sound strange to a non-smoker, so next time you speak to a smoker listen to how they describe themselves!

Ritual smoking is a habit you have probably repeated 15-30 times a day for many years. This process has now become a ritual, and you must first be aware of the ritual before you can change it.

When you light up your next cigarette, from the opening of the packet, how you light your cigarette, the first inhale of smoke etc. This ritual will usually take between 10-15 seconds.

As an ex-smoker myself, at the height of which I was smoking 60 a day, I was desperate to stop. Smoking was affecting my both my health and my finances.

Coming from a family of smokers, I witnessed their struggle to stop smoking. They tried various techniques from will power to patches, none of which provided a long term solution.

I gave up smoking in 1995 after only two hypnotherapy sessions. I have not smoked since.

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